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How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

by Your Local Plumber

plunging toilet How to Fix a Clogged ToiletThere is nothing more disgusting and distressing for a homeowner than a toilet backing up all over the place.

There are two types of toilet clogs: a blockage that prevents the waste and water from going down the drain, and a drain clog that causes sewage to back up when the toilet is flushed. If your home has a septic system, backflow may mean that the septic tank is full.

Toilet not draining

When water overflows the bowl, there is a blockage somewhere in the toilet or drain line. If the sink or shower drain is backing up, then the clog is farther along in the drain line. If drains elsewhere in the house are backing up, then the problem is likely to be somewhere in the sewer line. The best thing to do in that case is to call a professional plumber.

If your toilet is clogged but not backing up into the sink or floor drain, don’t try to flush it or it may overflow. Instead, you should quickly remove the tank lid and push the tank ball down to close the flush valve.

Most toilet clogs are caused by sanitary napkins, tampons, paper products, and small toys. If the obstruction may be the result of an object dropped into the toilet, try to retrieve it rather than forcing it down. If the stuck object is visible, use a stiff wire to pull it out. If not, use a plunger or closet auger to dislodge anything that may be trapped in the toilet bowl.

Wearing rubber gloves, place the plunger’s head over the center of the toilet drain hole. Rapidly push the plunger’s handle up and down to force air and water into the pipe, creating suction to free the clog.

If this doesn’t work, snake out the toilet with a closet auger, which will reach down about 3 feet. Turn the handle clockwise until the cable won’t go any further then push it repeatedly to dislodge the clog.

Work the auger back and forth until it catches the obstruction. When it does, try pulling the object out. If you are able to break through the clog, plunge the toilet again.

If the plunger or auger doesn’t do the job, call a professional plumber immediately.

Sewage backflow

If your toilet is backing up into other bathroom fixtures when it is flushed, you can try to snake out the main drainpipes with a long drain auger or a high-powered rooter but I’m not recommending that you do this yourself.

Sewage backflow is best left to the experts. If gunk is backing up all over your bathroom, call a professional plumber or drain-cleaning service right away. Need help? Call Plumber Medford Oregon and get your plumbing estimate today!

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