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How to Fix Low Water Pressure Problems

by Your Local Plumber

shower head low water pressure 300x200 How to Fix Low Water Pressure ProblemsDon’t you just hate it when you turn on the faucet and all you get from the showerhead are trickles of water?

The problem most likely is low water pressure, which is usually caused by broken pressure regulators, poor elevation, main valves set to a minimum, water leaks, or mineral deposit build-up.

Replace broken pressure regulators

Shaped like a bell, the pressure regulator is usually found below the hose connection in the front of your home. If the pressure regulator stops working, it may cause low water pressure in the water fixtures in your home. This is one plumbing problem that is better left to the professionals. Homeowners who try to fix or replace their pressure regulators often end up creating a bigger problem and spending more for repairs in the long run. A licensed plumber can easily replace or fix a regulator at a reasonable price.

Modify your elevation

Gravity plays an important role in the flow of water into your home. If your house is located higher than your water source, you might experience some problems with water pressure. It can be difficult for water to reach your second floor bathroom if your water tank is located in your basement. Make sure your water storage tank is located higher than your home plumbing. This helps the water flow faster and easier, giving you greater water pressure.

Max out your main valve

Sometimes main water valves get accidentally moved or turned off without the homeowner realizing it. If you are experiencing low water pressure, check if the main water valve is completely turned on.

Repair water leaks

Water leaks can cause low water pressure because not all of the water is making its way to your faucet. Check your pipes for cracks and leaks. If you suspect that your plumbing has a leak but have no visible signs, a good way to detect it is by shutting off your main water valve before you go to sleep and mark down the meter reading shown on your water meter. When you wake up, read the water meter again. If the reading changed, then you have a leak somewhere in your home.

Remove mineral deposits

Over time, mineral deposits can build up in your pipes. These deposits clog faucets and showerheads, preventing full water pressure. Try cleaning your faucets and showerheads and see if that improves the water flow.

If these five steps do not resolve the problem, call a professional plumber to check your low water pressure. Call Plumber Medford Oregon to solve your plumbing problems.

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