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What’s Wrong With Your Toilet?

by Your Local Plumber

The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your home, and one of the most troublesome too. Everyone has encountered toilet problems at some point, whether you’re living in a detached house, apartment or even mobile home.

Clogging is perhaps the most common toilet trouble, which is why every home has a plunger on standby. But aside from the usual toilet clog, several things can go wrong with toilets especially inside the tank where most of the moving parts are located. The tank can make all sorts of strange noises, or water can run continuously. Water can also seep from the wax seal at the toilet base and from the water supply hose.

Before you call in a professional plumber, follow these four basic steps in diagnosing toilet plumbing problems.

  • If the base of the toilet is always wet, dry the area with a paper towel to see if water may be seeping from there. Leave a few pieces of dry paper towel around the base of the toilet and check it in a couple of hours. If there are wet spots on the paper towel, the wax ring between the toilet base and the flange in the floor may have worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • If the leak is not coming from the toilet base, check for moisture at the bottom of the tank and the water supply hose. Again, use paper towel to wipe off condensation and dry the area. Watch the supply hose and the flush valve fittings at both ends for drips. If the leak is caused by a worn out hose, replace it. If the water appears to be coming from the bottom of the tank, replace the flush valve.
  • If the toilet tank seems to take too long to fill, remove the tank lid, flush the toilet, and watch the flapper and the flush valve. If water is seeping down through the flapper, the seal may have worn out and may need replacing. If the float on the flush valve sticks or if you hear the water trickling into the tank, the problem could be flush valve wear and tear.
  • Check the length of the chain that connects the flush handle to the flapper and make sure that it is long enough so the flapper seals into the hole at the bottom of the tank. If the chain is too short, the flapper might not drop down far enough to completely cover the hole and water will continuously flow into the bowl.

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